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Meridian Nd Yag Laser MR Q

In 1982, LASAG – Meridian presented the world’s first commercial Nd:YAG laser for ophthalmology: the Microruptor II.

The latest product in the Microruptor series, which has been in continuous production since 1982, is the current MR Q.

The Meridian MR Q is a fully integrated YAG laser combined with a renowned precision optics LED slit lamp with a magnification range from 6 × up to 40 × selectable in 5 fixed steps



Meridian Medical MR Q is a fully-featured and integrated Nd:YAG laser combined
with renowned European precision optics. The high-grade aluminum mono-block
laser housing gives a unique solid feeling.
The MR Q features a super Gaussian mode laser profile. Its performance and
accuracy provide excellent laser treatments. The MR Q internal power meters
monitor the energy delivered to enhance patient safety.
The LED slit lamp offers five steps magnification changer, from 6 × to 40 ×.
The MR Q’s laser cavities are tested under severe conditions, demonstrating
outstanding performance.


The MR Q is a fully-featured and powerful Nd:YAG in a compact design.
The MR Q provides unique safety features at every start with electronically controlled
anterior and posterior offset.
The laser knobs are ergonomically placed on both sides of the slit lamp. The MR Q
features a fully functional slit lamp.


After every treatment, the electronically controlled offset resets to posterior 100 μm,
eliminating the risk of inadvertently firing with the wrong offset.
Meridian Medical service team can remotely access the MR Q, adding a unique
service delivery method with immediate support.

The history of Meridian AG, now showing up as Meridian Medical
Group, and the history of the medical Nd:YAG laser are closely
connected. The Microruptor II, developed by Meridian engineers
and Prof. Dr. Franz Fankhauser († 2020), changed the way of many
ophthalmology treatments.
New technology is continuously developed and patented by our
development engineers. We select and integrate the best Swiss and

European laser components to ensure the highest quality and long-
term reliability.


■ Yearly maintenance service assures the optimal performance of
your laser
■ Follow the safety advice of the manufacturer and your regulatory
■ Only use the laser as described in the IFU

For posterior capsulotomy and iridotomy.


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