REXXAM ( Shin Nippon)- DCS-700 Digital Camera for slit lamp

5Mega pixel CMOS camera with User-friendly filing software!AhfqFC9cJSdyciiUQ6ui-UYJQm8



  • 5Mega pixel CMOS camera
  • User-friendly filigng software
  • Multi images screen


Sensor Type CMOS color
Sensor Size 1/2″
Valid Pixel Count 2,560×1,920 pixel(5Mega pixel)
Power Rating USB feeding
Power Consumption 1.7VA
Interface connector USB 3.0 micro-B
Input/Output connector 8pins connector
Size 135mm(H)×76mm(W)×53mm(D) (excluding part of screw)
Weight Apprx. 540g


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