I Optik CV 7800 – Wireles Auto Phoropter


Wireles Auto Phoropter

Product details

  • Faster than ever, the initialization time is less than 7 seconds.
  • Quieter than ever, the sound of initialization is only 46 decibels, and lens switching noise is very small.
  • The two-in-one operation mode of tablet and keyboard makes the operation more flexible.
  • App supports the use of Android and Apple tablets.
Sphere -29.00D~+26.75D(standard mode)

-19.00D~+16.75D(cross cylinder or prism check)

Increments: 0.25D/0.50D/1.00D/3.00D

Cylinder -8.75D ~ +8.75D, 0.25D/1.00D increments
Axis 0-180° (increments 1°/5°/15°)
PD Far vision 48-80mm; near vision 48-76mm, increments 0.5/1.00mm;

near vision work distance; 35-70mm

Rotating Prism 0~20△   Increments: 0.1Δ/0.5Δ/1Δ/2Δ
Jackson cross cylinder ±0.25D, 0/-0.5mD
Double cross cylinder ±0.25D
Compensation retinoscopy +1.5D(at 67cm diatance), +2.00D(at 50cm distance)
Auxiliary lens Pinhole plate Φ2mm
Maddox rod Right eye:red/horizontal

Left eye:red/vertical

Red/green filter Right eye: red; left eye: green
Linear polarizing filter Right eye: 135°/45°

Left eye: 45°/135°

Circular polarizing filter Left eye/Right eye
Fixed split prism Right eye: 3Δ BU, 6Δ BU

Left eye: 3Δ BD, 10Δ BI

PD lens Binocular (cross)
Fixed cross cylinder lens ±0.5D(axis fixed at 90°)
Product size Phoropter Head 376mm*297mm*95mm,3.8kg
Control panel 203mm*210mm*145mm
Power supply 220v/50Hz, 90VA


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