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Spandan Pro can access the Goldberger ECG system, which is an alternative to the standard ECG system. It has 10 leads that can auto-switch and give a 12 Lead ECG effectively.


Intruducing Spandan Pro​

Developed Especially For Healthcare Professionals

Spandan Pro is specially designed for cardiologists, general practitioners, and healthcare professionals. Having advanced medical features, it is consistent with the standard ECG machine and gives precise results with 99.7% accuracy.

Specially crafted for healthcare professionals, Spandan Pro captures a 12 Lead ECG using just 10 leads. Employing the Goldberger ECG system, this advanced machine provides state-of-the-art technology for precise cardiac diagnoses. Its advanced algorithms and high-resolution data acquisition guarantee detailed and reliable ECG recordings, crucial for clinicians in diagnosing intricate cardiac conditions and tailoring effective treatment plans. The compact design of Spandan Pro 12 Lead ECG machine allows cardiologists and physicians to perform high-quality ECGs anywhere, from clinics to remote patient visits. With direct smartphone connectivity and auto-switching leads, Spandan Pro offers unparalleled ease of use.


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