Meridian 532 nm Green laser

Green laser
for all retinal
photocoagulation procedures

Meridian 532 nm Green laser Merilas 532

MR Q Combo

MR Q Combo – Customised to your needs

The MR Q Combo is a combination package designed to save space and maximise treatment possibilities, including:

  • MR Q Nd:YAG laser featured renowned precision optics and an LED slit lamp. With 5 magnification steps from 6 × up to 40.
  • Merilas console – with a crystal detachable control panel. Swiss engineered, robust and aluminum made.
  • Slit lamp adapter and parking station – providing freedom and versatility.
  • Stable and robust twin column table.

A unique parking station protects the sensitive optics of the slit lamp adapter when the photocoagulator is not in use.

The slit lamp adapter fiber covered by a metallic coil protects the integrity of the laser delivery system.

The MR Q Combo specially designed slit lamp adapter ensures the safe handling of the two lasers.

Merilas shortpulse® delivers microsecond pulses for subthreshold retinal treatments.



Award winning, fully featured frequency doubled solid state
green laser photocoagulator.


The Merilas housing is made of a high grade aluminium giving Meridian’s unique
solid feeling. The removable control panel features a crystal interface that is
resistant, durable and easy to clean.
The thermoelectric cooling (TEC) system eliminates the need for ventilation slots,
making a hermetically sealed unit, ensuring a dust-free system, increasing the
longevity of the laser.


The Merilas lasers have intuitive commands, and are easy to use.
The detachable touch display with glass technology ensures flexibility and provides
a greater ergonomic design. The user interface is straightforward to use, thanks to
its intuitive design. Due to its thermoelectric cooling system, there are no disturbing
noises or air turbulences.
The Merilas lasers impress users with their modern, compact presentation and ease
to transport. Each laser comes with a robust and practical carry-on case.


Auto Key connector: Merilas lasers recognises the original probes and accessories
connected to the console.
■ Meridian cavities deliver stable laser output
■ Each laser accessory is calibrated and measured independently
■ Meridian parfocal laser (this assures no heating on the cornea)
■ Remote support access


Our range of slit lamp delivery systems are designed to work with a wide range of slit
lamp brands, either Haag-Streit or Zeiss styles. The Merilas lasers can be used with
laser indirect ophthalmoscopes and endoprobes.
Our technicians can support you via remote service in case you need assistance.
This function allows fast and professional troubleshooting.


The history of Meridian AG, now showing up as Meridian Medical
Group, and the history of the medical Nd:YAG laser are closely
connected. The Microruptor II developed by Meridian engineers
and Dr Frankhauser changed the way of many ophthalmology
treatments. New technology is continuously developed and
patented by our development engineers. We select and integrate
the best Swiss and European laser components to ensure the
highest quality and long-term reliability. We use tested and reliable
best practices in engineering and integration, ensuring our system’s
highest performance. Our highly skilled and experienced staff
works to deliver the service and results our customers deserve and
have come to expect.

■ Yearly maintenance service assures the best performance of
your laser
■ Follow the safety advice of the manufacturer and your regulatory
■ Follow the intended use described in the IFU


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