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India’s Best and Value for Money Surgical Microscope for Ophthalmologists.

“Now everyone can Own One”



Product Description :

Ophthalmic Surgical Microscopes was born out of the need for a Top Quality Yet Affordable Microscope for the Indian Ophthalmologist. These microscopes come in various models and are made in India with Imported Optics. Now Every Ophthalmologist in India can Own a Surgical Microscope and start his own OT. These microscopes are exclusively manufactured for Ophthall by experts with more than 30+ Years Experience in Surgical Microscope Manufacturing Technologies.

Product Specifications :


Ophthall Pro Microscope

  • High Resolution and Wide Field Optical System having exceptional depth of field
  • Built in Axial Illumination System with Bright Light Spot
  • 0 Degrees Coaxial Illumination for a super clear red reflex
  • 5 Step Magnification
  • State of the Art Balancing arm Mechanism/ Autoclavable Handles
  • Halogen or LED Dual Light system options
  • Single Knob Operation for emergency switch over to stand by Light source
  • With Easy to move Joints and castors, the floor stand guarantees outstanding mobility and excellent stability at the same time. Reliable brakes ensure that the system remains locked in the required position.

Ophthall Max- Microscope

Ophthall Pro Microscope as Above + Beam Splitter and Camera

Ophthall Zen -Microscope

Ophthall Promicroscope+ Beam Splitter+ Camera+ Titable Optics + Red Glow Enhancement Device

Ophthal Pro- Combo ( For Ophthal and ENT surgeries)

Ophthall Pro Microscope+ Additional Optics and Objectives for ENT surgery



  1. Dr. Rajan Pradhan, MD (AIIMS, New Delhi)

    The basic Ophthal Pro microscope has good optics , it’s versatile and ideal for cataract surgery, both MSICS and Phaco emulsification. Excellent value for money.

  2. Gajanan Pendkar

    ” I am a user of Ophthall Microscope for the past one month. Very good product and value for money. Thanks to Ophthall for bringing such a product which helps all Ophthalmologists to own a microscope. We request ophthall to bring more products like this”

  3. Sandeep patil

    Value for your money excellent optics great depth perception in phaco.. ideal microscope not only for beginners but for everyone.. myself a proud owner of ophthal pro microscope…

  4. chandrashekhar wavikar

    Dr. Senthil and the team is doing a fabulous work. Heartiest congratulations for a successful presence in the AIOC 2022.

  5. Dr. Anand V. Pangarkar

    Excellent products at economical costs. Microscope very good..

  6. Dr Kashish gupta

    Ophthalll is a very good microscope with excellent optics and good depth perception.
    It’s a value for money deal for anyone not affording a branded microscope without
    compromising the quality of surgery.
    Add a Ophthall red glow enhancer to it and u will enjoy every single surgery u do.
    Take a demo and decide!!!!


    Ophthalll is the best microscope what u can have at a price of 3,00,000 rupees. It’s optics and depth perception are at par to a branded microscope making it a superb value for money deal.
    One has to add a Ophthall red glow enhancer to it and then the magic unfolds.
    Guys u will forget the brands!!! Why spend 3-4 times the amount on a brand when u can have all of it in such an affordable price, nor there will be a need to buy second hand branded microscopes.
    Vocal for Local !!!
    Go for it, u can thank me later…

    Dr Anurag Shandil
    Narayana Nethradhama
    Superspeciality Eye Care & Retina Centre

  8. Dr. Rohit Rao

    We have purchased 2 microscopes from ophthall group

    1. Microscope Model Ophthall Pro With White LED

    And then afterwards we bought

    2 Microscope Model Ophthall Pro With Yellow LED

    Both the microscopes are of very good quality, good illumination, field of view, and sufficient enough depth perception
    Best part of the microscope is it’s very very economical and in the budget which makes it very attractive deal.

    Currently all of our fellows and Trainees are using this Microscope Model Ophthall Pro With Yellow LED, all of them are satisfied with no issues
    Thank you Ophthall group 🙏🙏

    Dr. Rohit Rao
    Shri Ganesh Vinayak Medical Science Pvt. Ltd.

  9. Dr Shreedhar Reddy Vootakuru

    Fine sir, done upto 50cases. I took it with red glow. So didn’t felt much difference compared to other microscopes. In my main centre I use Leica microscope. Comparatively it is upto 85% quality of Leica. For beginners it is definitely a good microscope which will reduce the financial burden. My only concern in the microscope is the autoclavable items are not upto the mark. Fixing and removing them is also little tidious. If the company can work on it it will be good

    Dr Shreedhar Reddy Vootakuru

  10. Dr. Darshan

    Its truly amazing experience working on Ophthall microscope, the optics are just fabulous, didn’t even expected such a great quality in this much cost…. honestly it was a perfect decision to buy this microscope! Many thanks to Ophthall group🙏🏻 honored to be the part of Ophthall family!

    Dr. Darshan

  11. Dr Rajan Pradhan, Siliguri

    🙏 I must be one of the first doctors to have bought the Ophthal Pro microscope for my personal clinic after Dr Sinthel recommended it .Even though I have over thirty five years of experience under my belt and have used all sorts of microscopes such as Lumera , Haagstreit, Leica , Topcon etc… in the various hospitals and places I have practiced; it was so smooth to switch over from the very expensive equipments beyond my reach to Ophthal Pro which is very easy on the pocket and very user friendly; no sophisticated manoeuvres- just a knob to change magnification and a foot pedal to focus. The light source is brilliant and the IPD adjustment is so accurate that once you have set it, there’s no need to adjust it again unless there’s another surgeon with a different IPD also using it. Castors, Co-axial, locks ; you name it – they all can be trusted with your life or your patient’s eyes which become more valuable than one’s life in complicated situations. Ophthal Pro can handle all situations very smoothly. This pocket friendly microscope has come as a blessing to all eye surgeons ; be they the ones just entering into practice or someone like me almost arriving at exit point. I feel it’s a must have for all surgeons and every eye hospital and even large institutes. Buy it; you’ll not regret.

  12. Dr Vamshi Chakra, Karimnagar

    My experience with ophthal pro

    I started my maiden journey with ophthall pro microscope in 2022. It was augmented with red glow enhancer from beginning. It started as a halogen microscope with decent depth perception and optics. But As I heard LED would be a better bet, because halogen bulbs need to be replaced more often than LED. In between had two small foot pedal circuit issues which were promptly rectified by service. Service was ok with median time to response being 1-2 days keeping in mind I am practicing away from metros.

    Shifted to YELLOW LED in 2023 and found more satisfaction with WHITE LED ( my personal opinion) so requested company for the same. Thanks to company for understanding and changing headpiece to WHITE LED. Now my journey began a bit turbulent from halogen to yellow led to white led. Though with initial hiccups by 3-4 cases you can adapt quickly.
    Now completed 300 cases smoothly on ophthall pro

    My review
    Worth for money
    Decent microscope for beginners
    Good service by company
    Great post operative results

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