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India’s Best and Value for Money Surgical Microscope for Ophthalmologists.

“Now everyone can Own One”

Price starts at 2.70 Lakhs



Product Description :

Ophthalmic Surgical Microscopes was born out of the need for a Top Quality Yet Affordable Microscope for the Indian Ophthalmologist. These microscopes come in various models and are made in India with Imported Optics. Now Every Ophthalmologist in India can Own a Surgical Microscope and start his own OT. These microscopes are exclusively manufactured for Ophthall by experts with more than 30+ Years Experience in Surgical Microscope Manufacturing Technologies.

Product Specifications :


Ophthall Pro Microscope

  • High Resolution and Wide Field Optical System having exceptional depth of field
  • Built in Axial Illumination System with Bright Light Spot
  • 0 Degrees Coaxial Illumination for a super clear red reflex
  • 5 Step Magnification
  • State of the Art Balancing arm Mechanism/ Autoclavable Handles
  • Halogen or LED Dual Light system options
  • Single Knob Operation for emergency switch over to stand by Light source
  • With Easy to move Joints and castors, the floor stand guarantees outstanding mobility and excellent stability at the same time. Reliable brakes ensure that the system remains locked in the required position.

Ophthall Max- Microscope

Ophthall Pro Microscope as Above + Beam Splitter and Camera

Ophthall Zen -Microscope

Ophthall Promicroscope+ Beam Splitter+ Camera+ Titable Optics + Red Glow Enhancement Device

Ophthal Pro- Combo ( For Ophthal and ENT surgeries)

Ophthall Pro Microscope+ Additional Optics and Objectives for ENT surgery



  1. Dr. Rajan Pradhan, MD (AIIMS, New Delhi)

    The basic Ophthal Pro microscope has good optics , it’s versatile and ideal for cataract surgery, both MSICS and Phaco emulsification. Excellent value for money.

  2. Gajanan Pendkar

    ” I am a user of Ophthall Microscope for the past one month. Very good product and value for money. Thanks to Ophthall for bringing such a product which helps all Ophthalmologists to own a microscope. We request ophthall to bring more products like this”

  3. Sandeep patil

    Value for your money excellent optics great depth perception in phaco.. ideal microscope not only for beginners but for everyone.. myself a proud owner of ophthal pro microscope…

  4. chandrashekhar wavikar

    Dr. Senthil and the team is doing a fabulous work. Heartiest congratulations for a successful presence in the AIOC 2022.

  5. Dr. Anand V. Pangarkar

    Excellent products at economical costs. Microscope very good..

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