Ophthall GloMaster – RedGlow Enhancement Device for Surgical Microscopes

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Ophthall- Red Glo Enhancement Device for Surgical Microscopes

Compactable For All Brand Microscopes.

Converts Basic Surgical Microscopes into advanced one with enhanced Red Glo , Stereopsis and Illumination.

New Objective Lens Provided along with Ophthall Red Glow Enhancer ( Optional)

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Ophthall- Ophthalmic Surgical Microscope Red Glow Enhancement Device

Ophthalmologists in Developing countries can afford to buy only the basic models of  surgical microscopes. These basic microscopes do not provide optimal Red glow and illumination and hence many Ophthalmologists  operate with these basic features since they could not afford the advanced models . Ophthall- Redglow Enhancer was invented  to address this problem faced by many Ophthalmologists across the world and this wonder device converts a very basic surgical microscope to a advanced one.

Product Features 

1) Homogenous red reflex in all positions of the Eye

2) Perfect Stereopsis enhancement

3) Additional Illumination provided by the Light in the Ophthall Red Glow Enhancer brightens the Operating Field.

Product Details

1) Device can be externally attached to any surgical microscope at its bottom, No Modifications are required , and a Normal Surgical Microscope converts to a higher end surgical Microscope.

2) Ophthall RedGlow being a source of Illumination itself, you need not switch on Microscope light , or use a combination of Microscope and Enhancer Light

3)Surgeons Working distance will not be reduced.

4) Imported Optics which are made of unscratchable materials with Fungicidal coatings.

5) Device can be switched on and off using foot pedal control.

6) Power supply is variable and dimmable from zero to 100% illumination.

7) Optional- Feature- New Objective Lens – provided along with Ophthall-Red Glo Enhancer

8 reviews for Ophthall GloMaster – RedGlow Enhancement Device for Surgical Microscopes

  1. Dr Raj Ganesh , Geetha Eye Hospital, Kalpana Road, Udumalaipet, Tamilnadu

    I had a Demo of Ophthall Glow (Red Glow Enhancer) for my Zeiss 1 FR Microscope. It was a very nice Experience operating with Good Red Glow. Thank you Ophthall – Team.

  2. Dr Arul Mozhi Varman Arul Eye Hospital Salem

    My opinion after Demo,Excellent innovation for basic microscope, enjoyed my Rexis and depth perception is also good, kudos to Ophthall Team

  3. Dr.Arun Kumar, Kumar Eye Hospital, Attur.

    I got a demo of Ophthall glow with my Zeiss 1FR microscope, It’s really nice, the red glow , depth perception is really good. I will say it’s a must for all microscope (without coaxial). Thank you Dr.Senthil sir and Ophthall team.

  4. Dr Venkatesh Reddy

    Yesterday i had demo of Ophthall Red Glow Master Device on my Lumera 300.. its easy to do rhexis without trypan blue and very helpful in cortical wash & iol implantation in bag. Overall experience is gud n economically reliable. Many thanks to Dr.senthil n his team for coming up with this device

    Dr.Venkatesh Reddy
    Ushodaya Laser Eye Hospital
    Medchal Telengana

  5. Dr. Rajesh Chells

    My experience with ophthall red glo enhancer fitted on Zeiss lumera 300. The image & red glo quality enhanced so well that my surgical confidence increased. surgical time decreased, i recommend re glow enhancer and recording system to my colleagues.

    Focus Eye hospital
    Kaloor, Eranakulam

  6. Dr. Sushil, Sunayan Eye Care

    RedGlow enhancer is a wonderful device. Red glow is just perfect. Very helpful for me in doing rhexis without Trypan and IA is becoming very smooth.
    Just one need to st without. It will take only one or two case for adjustment. Overall Perfect
    Dr. Sushil
    Sunayan Eye Care

  7. Dr Adithya Phadnis

    We purchased this red glow enhancer for Zeiss lumera 300. Had a pleasant experience with this product. Gives lot of confidence to surgeons

  8. Rushabh Shah

    good evening sir, many thanks for sending te red glow enhancer, I have used in today and taken demo
    I used it on the zeiss visu 160, it is a good device, definitely worth it,
    Thank you once again sir.
    Dr Rushabh Shah

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